The following projects were done on Final Cut Pro. Each showcases my skills and development as a filmmaker as I learned the ins and outs of production.

1. Pieterandrea Interview

The first video is an interview. In this, I wrote up questions, then prepared the lighting and wired the interviewees for sound. This was an individual project and I handled all stages of production alone.
The objective of this project was to prepare interview questions, set up the production aspects by myself, then in post production piece together a topical product from the interview. This included using after effects, music, and digital images.

2. Lego Land


The second video was another project in which I handled all aspects of production by myself including writing the script.

The objective of this project was to practice with production techniques including perspective and different angles, as well as post production effects including manipulating color.

3. Technical Difficulties

The next video is one of my earlier projects in which I performed all aspects of production including directing.
The objective was to create a narrative of at least five minutes in which the scene changed, cuts would be used, transitions inserted, and text, music, and images were added in post.

4. Ghosts: A Bridge Between Worlds

This last video compiles a report on several books read in a non-video production class. I was in charge of pre-production organization and assignments. I wrote the script for the voice over and conducted ten interviews. I also conducted some outside research on the subject and provided all the B-footage and images to be used in the video. Post production including editing, effects, and the voice over were conducted by a group mate.
The objective of this project was to create at least eight minutes of footage in which themes of the books were explored. At least five different sources were to be used ranging from interviews, further research outside the source material, and clips of digital images.

All of these projects resulted in my development as a script writer and as a production, and post production film maker. I learned how to use production equipment, how to upload footage and prep it for editing, how to cut and piece together video segments, how to add other media to the project, and how to burn disks.
My expertise in the software grew with every project I undertook. As I have experience in all stages of production, I better appreciate and understand the time and effort that goes into all stages of video production.