The Underground project is an examples of utilizing both Photoshop and Illustrator. As part of the project, I had to invent a brand and attempt to sell that brand. I chose to do some mock ups for a book complete with swag. I designed the logo and merchandise ideas.

The objective was to be true to the source material, trying to bring the core of the product to a visual medium.

As a result I learned how to work with someone’s idea and try to capture the essence of that idea. By drafting multiple versions of the same product, I developed a creative eye. In addition my image manipulation skills improved and I honed my skills in designing a project between different softwares.



The Once Upon A Time project was made with GIMP. The focus was to create a logo for a bookshop which captured the otherness of the imaginary worlds found within stories while keeping a timeless feel in appearance.

This was done by manipulating fonts and image layers. As a result I developed skills in formatting and the editing of digital images.

Book Shop Sign